Melting Rainbow Kandi Mask Surgical Mask Rave by CutenessGifts

While looking for images of mouth mask, rarely i found a mask with mateirals other than cotton that have a lot of colours. This is a very playful mask. 

Surgical Mask Made From Transparent Material (Jun, 1938) | Modern Mechanix.

A transparent texture is quite interesting. i haven't thought about this before.

The images above and at the bottom are masks that sticks out by using different mateirals.

Colour combination research on Thailand bracelets

There are a lot of bright colours and many used complementary colours. Also, gradual change in colours makes the colour change doesn’t stand out so much. By looking at those braclets, all kind of colours are used such as black, blue, green, pink, yellow, red, white…etc. 

Relevant further inspiration research on my idea

Nils Blumreiter "Alle Ziele"

Leather materials and the combintion of steel connecting the hollow shape of mouth. It's a bit like what i'm aiming to do. but the atmosphere is this piece is quite dark and scary.

By, Stitch Finder General

This is makes me consider how my mask would be hold on the face.

Full face scary mouth / teeth kandi mask by KustomKandiJewelry

Looking at not only masks that hold itself on the face.

Chill Pill CHESHIRE CAT raver surgical mask. by ChillPillClubWear

Braiding Tutorials

This looks like an idea i thought about before, accentuating on the mouth by covering everywhere else.

Leather surgical mask

Looking at masks using different mateirals.

Black Surgical Mask Print by Viktor Savchenko

Images at above and bottom are masks using metals. It gives a very aggressive look.