The hole ask people for attention and the vaguely shown part can be embarrassing to see.

NvShenDeXinYi, By Eri & Philip Chu

The design of putting Chinese characters on the coat can be embarrassing because Chinese tend to think that it's not trendy to have Chinese characters on the clothes and having English or french is more "trendy". It also reminds me of middle-aged motor bike drivers in China who would wrap their shirt(have Chinese characters such as "powerful" "strong") up their chest and they would play loud music while taking on passengers. 

Tightly fitted clothes can make people embarrassed not only the wearer but also who's watching it. This is because the full shape/curve of the body is exposed. Maybe people would have places that they wish to hide (fat tummy for example).

Museum of Friendship(2015), By MoMo Wang

Clothes and Bra that's above and below can be embarrassing to people who's sensitive to sexual matter as it gives people imagination and maybe a sexual message?

It's a bold shirt as nudity in public is still something that's considered as strange.

People may think animation character is something that can be embarrassing to wear because it's a sign of "childish"? This especially apply to elders.

Reminds me of accidentally exposure. The emphasis on the bottom is quite funny but embarrassing.

Fashion magazine of a girl squeezing her breasts for milk. my relevant thought is about breast nursing and that can be a private matter.