Alexander McQueen “Eshu” collection, Fall-Winter 2000-01

large quantity of hair makes the coat looking nice and warm. it wouldn't give people a feeling of messy and dirty as how normally if a pile of hair is scattered around. 

Victorians Made Jewelry Out of Human Hair

At such time before people already started using hair in accessory. it's beautifully made and that's not what i am wishing to do. I want to do quite the opposite, showing the differences between traditional and contemporary jewellery. I feel people should be more open-minded.

Hair on fingers

Hair on the feet

Hair on the legs

Since i have decided to work with hair. In this page i am looking at accessory/clothes that are made by hair.

InConTextUre By Debora Dax.

I like how she wants to highlight parts that people want to hide. this is also a part of my concept because embarrassment is a revelation of your vulnerability and i want to show the vulnerability and turn it into something that's lighthearted.

Underwear adorned with artificial pubic hair and a skirt padded to look like love handles feature in this collection of garments by design student Debora Dax.

Dax's InConTextUre clothes aim to highlight features of the body that people typically want to conceal.

"This clothing series is inspired by human body textures, which we like to hide and avoid," said Dax. "This project shows that those structures are interesting and can be seen as body decorations."

Differences in physique, skin quality and body hair are all celebrated in her nude-coloured garments.

"It took some time to find the right materials that give the feeling of skin as colour, fabric surface and structures, and also ensure that those fabrics work together as a collection," Dax told Dezeen.

The collection includes three pairs of lycra tights that are designed to make the wearer appear to have liver spots, acne and warts on their legs.


All the images below are images of different body parts that can be hairy. I am still thinking of which part to focus. i am thinking of face because it gives people a very direct impression and its harder to hide. I am going to do samples and decide then.

By Giorgia Zanellato

I like the idea of up-cycling hair from salon and make something out of it. i might consider that for my project.

From plant food to plugging up mouse holes, there's stranger ways to recycle human hair clippings than just making wigs. Italian designer Giorgia Zanellato decided to upcycle instead in her series of hair accessories called "Hairdressed," using discarded hair recuperated from local salons.

First experimenting with felt and wool, Zanellato then settled on a process of pouring resin into various molds, along with a generous sprinkling of hair of different shades.

She then created defined shapes out of the hardened product with a laser cutter to create combs, pins and clips that look translucent but textured.

In the video, it shows her public hair and armpit hair growing quite wild. It can be very embarrassing if that happen in real-life and it's accidentally seen by others.

As a part of drawing


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