Invitation letter (1997) By YanLei

Concocted with co-conspirator Hong Hao, the Invitation Letter was called performance art, but it wasn’t Hong and Yan who performed. Instead, they attempted to dupe some famous artists and curators in the Chinese avant-garde art scene by sending out fake invitation letters to participate in the internationally renowned art exhibition Documenta, In Kassel, Gemany. Faking Documenta letterhead and signing the invitations using the name Mr. Ielnay Oahgnoh – which is simply Hong Hao and Yan Lei written backward – they sent the invitation to some of China’s top artists and critics. There was an unseemly scramble to take up the offer, but no one could find Mr. Ielnay Oahgnoh. The search for  him became a performance in itself, and before the fraud was exposed, the avant-garde elite had already exposed themselves.

Bragging about their international fame and chasing obsequiously after this foreign invitation, the artists and critics display a desire for international recognition above all else. Needless to say, once the fraud was exposed, the Chinese contemporary art world was incensed by the Invitation Letter “performance artwork.” Thus a couple of con artists became famous themselves for critivizing other con artists. 


It can be very embarrassing for those artists because the desperation of international recognition is exposed to the public.

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig(Elektrotechnique)

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The Dutch band De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig asked us to create a music video frot ehir song Elektrotehcnique. So we made a series of domestic sex machines. Get inspired!


Before i read the explanation, the video looked interesting but not sexual. But after i watched it the second time, the movement of the machine is quite embarrassing because the imagination of its use.

Videos on the left and below are videos that make people think deeply about the society. How we treat and see people. It makes us think about the equality of human beings and how we should show respect and not to judge others differently. It's videos that may embarrass us because we might realise that we are a part of those people we despise in the video.