Have you ever met a woman in a niqab?

Struggling politically? Want to fill columns? Start a debate about the niqab. It’s another opportunity to roll out the veil puns and plaster that stock image of a Muslim woman in a black niqab, her heavy eye make-up emphasised.

Sometimes I think that we are obsessed. Why do we insist on telling woman what they should and shouldn’t wear? As a British Muslim woman who wears the hijab (headscarf), I don’t think covering my face in public would be safe, appropriate or is necessary for me. But I have close friends who wear niqab, and I don’t want to judge them. I am no scholar. What other women believe and wear is up to them, they don’t have to justify themselves to me. There is so much hostility based on what we think the niqab represents.





I've realised that they put heavy eye makeup on. I believe it's because that's the only place where they think they can express themsleves in the public.

My first concept was about taking individual pieces and fit them together to form one unit. So i was looking at the puzzles and games, jewellery and other pieces of works which are formed by individual pieces of shapes/things.

What is burqa?

Our national garb is unthinkable without the burqa; it's one of our oldest traditions. It is worn like a face mask that can hide wrinkles, scars, broken teeth and unattractive eyebrows. Today, mainly the older generations wear it and the younger ones rarely do. If the younger women do wear the burqa then they prefer to wear it in fancier designs. The burqa symbolises the marriage status of a woman; when a man walks by a woman wearing the burqa, he would always know that she is married and not available. This also meant that the burqa actually protects the women from strange men.



A rather fashionable way that hides the hair but show attitude and style.

Henna is somthing that was originally started in India but is used in many other cultures now. It symbolizes luck, joy and beauty. Muslim women would do it on their hands and feet if there are special occasions and celebrations such as marriage. But nowadays people wear it just because of the beautiful deisgns. So i am looking at the different patterns that i can use in my pieces.