Since i want my piece to be humorous and to challenge the definition of jewellery. therefore, i am looking at ridiculous things that normally we wouldn't expect.

The Chinese version of Ebay sell many unexpected and funny things such as the image above and below. People may ask , who will wear that ? and why would i buy a jar of fart? but i quite like the idea of making people question the need of it.

Those wondering exactly where they can find human breast milk soap, a live fox or a David 'Bickham' sex doll need look no further: China's answer to eBay stocks them all.

Taobao is a treasure-trove for those hunting for the unusual, eccentric or just plain worrying, boasting around 760million products for sale at any one time.

It was thanks to China's biggest shopping hub that the world got to see the planet's most unflattering dress: a knock-off of a slinky red carpet outfit worn by Thor actress Jaime Alexander in 2013. 

The purchaser had expected the daring number to arrive and transform her into the siren wearing the dress on Taobao, which was founded in 2003.

But the result was so disappointing she shared it on the seller's site - and it quickly went viral.

Yet it is still not the most horrifying item for sale on Taobao, thanks to China's lax trading laws.

Because while many use the site to top up on standard products like furniture, clothes, electronics and other home essentials, it seems others are looking for more outlandish products.

The David Bickham sex doll is no doubt one of the more popular on offer on Tabao - although it has to be said, at 1.7 metres it is 13 centimetres shorter than its real-life inspiration.

All the same, at £52.10 the pink shirted Mr Bickham could certainly be seen as a bargain - and the suppliers know it.

One Taobao user quibbled the price, with the seller responding: 'We have arms that can rotate 360 degrees, even the hair and eye-lashes are well-made.'

Those who prefer a living, breathing person to an inflatable doll can purchase this through Taobao as well.

Should one be in need of a boyfriend, Taobao has a few available to hire.

Boyfriends for hire are increasingly popular in China, with demand rising thanks to the phenomenon of the 'leftover woman': a phrase to describe any woman who reaches her late-20s single. 

Many fake boyfriends are used by women sick of parents nagging them about not having other halves, so they take home a pretend one to appease them. 

The fake boyfriend pictured below says he has a 'distinct look and a warm personality'. Services start at £54.30 - with prices rising depending on the perceived attractiveness of the man for hire.

However, sex is not one of the services provided. 

Taobao is not just for girls when it comes to dating, however.

Fake girlfriends are also available on the website - although these ones are purely remote, like the WeChat Girlfriend.

WeChat is China's most popular smartphone messaging app, and for £2.06 a day the user will get at least 15 messages from their pretend princess. 

However, don't expect any funny business. 

'Warning: WeChat girlfriends sold here are healthy and morally-righteous girls,' the description reads. 

'Guys who have unhealthy demands please go away.'

But it is not all about sex: animals, and animal related products, can both be found on the website.

There are plenty of treats for China's pampered pooches - who, some believe, are treated like children due to the recently relaxed one child policy. 

The cascade of dog clothes on Taobao, such as these snazzy £4 raincoats, does little to dispel the idea.

It's not all about the dogs, however: there are all manner of feline-friendly get-ups available too, including a Santa outfit, complete with a mildly troubling 'double arm' effect.

But just because it is on sale doesn't mean your cat will love it.

One user said they bought it, but were left disappointed when the pet refused to wear the £4.15 Santa suit.  

Then there are the animals themselves.

China has a questionable animal rights record, and exotic pets are often freely available on sites such as Taobao. 

Currently on sale is a live fox, with an asking price of £313 - although exactly how it will be delivered is not entirely clear. 

A more affordable – and colourful – option than getting a pet fox is to plump for one of these £32.50 tarantulas. 

Sold as babies, the sellers promise they will bloom into big hairy blue adults.

However, exactly how accurate this promise is is brought into question by the sellers debatable knowledge of foreign countries.

'In Europe, blue is often considered a royal colour, they even believe royals' blood is blue, so needless to say this species is highly popular in Europe,' they claim.

Even more questionable are the books on sale, promising to teach avid readers how to have an out-of-body experience in just 30 days.

But at just 22p a manual, it doesn't seem to much of a loss if it doesn't work.  

Then you get into the truly weird and wonderful.

This jar of farts is offered by someone who will create, contain and send you a custom-ordered fart in a jar for £10.85. 

He'll brew anything, from pineapple and banana to apple farts, although no date-flavoured ones as he hates dates. 

There is currently a 'buy two, get one jar of sweet potato fart free' deal running and the seller says: 'Warning: Needs to be inhaled within 72 hours of opening.'

Other Masks found on Taobao

Catallena By Orange Caramel

These hair accessories are designed for the new album by the korean group "orange caramel". Food on the head? It seem strange but interesting. 

The willy warmer is surprisingly popular, can people fit into their underwear?? it even has different ones for different occasions. It's funny because it seems ridiculous and i want my piece to have the same sense. Maybe i should also consider pieces for different occasions?

Willy warmer By Radmila kus

I feel a little bit like this writing about this bizarre product but here goes. In case you weren’t aware, penis warmers are a thing. News has recently spread of a Croatian housewife who has built a business producing made-to order ones, which have apparently become quite popular as funny gifts.

However, at one time, they were actually used by men in the Croatian mountains who genuinely just wanted to protect their junk from frostbite. Radmila Kus, who has orders coming in from all over the world, told International Business Times, "Penis warmers used to be worn in these parts as a normal clothing item for the male private parts because the winters were very harsh with very low temperatures." Apparently, they did something that regular underwear just couldn’t accomplish.

Now, they've become more of a gag gift and it turns out Kus isn't the only one making them. There are in fact a wide array of penis warming options available on the internet--from Rasta "Willie Warmers" to "Weenie Warmers" with political themes to "Penis Puppets," which come in animal shapes. You can even customize your own in some cases.

"unexpected" bags

The bags found are quite unique because we wouldn't expect bag to be in such form for example.