Duratrans on Light box, (2011), By Linder Sehnsucht

Above & below

Quite sexual message is delivered. the emphasis on nudity and private part is quite embarrassing. espeically it seems a bit painful which can relate to Sadism&Masochism. These are all private matters that people may not want to show.

Duratrans On Lightbox, (2011) By Linder Fancy

Untitled #261, (1992), By Cindy Shekman

Really eye-catching because of its awkward positioning of different body parts. Looks very creepy also because the character seems old. My friend told me elder people are more desperate for sexual life but are embarrassed to talk about it?

Untitled #250, (1992), By Cindy Sherman

Saatchi Gallery contains a lot of contemporary works but i think this collection involving sex and porn is most relevant with my topic - embarrassment. The emphasis on private part of the body can make people embarrass or even uncomfortable. 

Unique colour photography, (1984), By Tim Head

Symbolic Image, looks like lots cosmetics but open imagination which can relate to sexual toys.

Exhibitionists, (2014), By PG group

Very interesting images in terms of its collage with biological drawings of organs. Model’s position is very provocative. Somehow I feel uncomfortable. 

American Tan I, (2007), By Gary Hume

This is Shahnoza. 46 (2007) By Julian Opie

It's very attractive and funny because of the combination of animal character with human and the unknown tube?