What is my view on sustainability and environmental issues?

Even though we’ve found a lot of resources and materials on the earth, but comparably, many are not renewable. We should ask all the manufacturers to consider the material used in product making as the resources will eventually run out. If the manufacturers can think more about it rather than only concentrating on the profit making, I believe this will motivate more consumers also to care about such issues. The process of making products are also a very important issue, we are making the earth becoming dirtier every day because of the pollution that is caused by the factories. People don’t realise the fact that their decisions will eventually be reflected on them and their family. These issues can only be resolved if everyone has a conscious mind about it. If the person making the product use recyclable materials, then the consumers will make an effort to recycle the product after use.

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How is the worth of an object defined, if not through its material value?

I believe it’s through the personal and conceptual ideas behind the piece and/or the quality of the hand craft, also, maybe it’s a new invention of some kind of product that may start a revolution, change its original form or start a trend.  It could also by defined by the process of an object, something that might be dangerous or hard to make, or it’s a newly invented process. 

What makes an object precious and what makes it worthless?

I think it really depends on different people and how they think. Some people can be very emotionally attached by some objects that may reminds them of certain memory, people, experience…etc. It also can be very precious if it’s very beautifully made or it’s visually interesting by the mixture of colours or a deception effect. However, normally, people would judge by the material used, diamonds are much more expensive because it doesn’t change its form even after a long time, it’s the hardest stone. Whereas, paper can be easily tore and break. Whether a piece is worthless also depends on how people think. If the design of an object is simple, people who don’t understand the conceptual ideas may think it’s something meaningless and so it’s worthless.

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How can I as a designer, address sustainability and environmental issues in my work?

I can address this issue by not using or use less materials that are not sustainable. Or I can use the process of re-cycle or up-cycle to realise my design. This is to raise awareness of this issue if someone is interested in my works. Also, I can show by having conceptual ideas relating to social and environmental issues. Or I can ask audience to raise awareness by making product that addresses the issue by its appearance. 

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How do jewellery & fashion accessory designers address sustainability in their work?

Before researching more in depth about designers, by looking at the presentation that was given to us today. There are a lot of designers who care about these issues and are raising awareness by using re-cycled or up-cycled materials. The bags can be even more previous because of the time put in thinking and re-organising the materials. 

Can you give examples of waste materials being up-cycled or re-cycled into previous and desirable objects of beauty?

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