Lina Peterson

There is a mix of coluors and textures on her pieces which creates very interesing visual language. I can see a lot of testing works in her website and the different outcomes help to understand her final design. This is what i need to learn from her. Even though she has different colours in her pieces, but it's not exaggerating and it looks neutral and simple. This is what i wish to achieve in this project as well.

Brush stroke brooche (2013-2014)

Cove Park - Mimicking brooches

Bud necklace ports (1961)

Ceramic slip tests

Jewellery for Ports 1961 A/W 09 & S/S 11

Kaz Robertson

Her works are made from resins. Even though my mateiral is different but i really love the way that she polishes the jewellery pieces. It's very smooth and beautifully finished. Her designs on the surface are very simple but it still looks very unique and interesting.

wangle bangle stack

charcoal cufflinks

Charcoal rectangle earrings w nude dots

Reversible rectangle necklace - nude + charcoal

Hidemi Asano

Just like Kaz Robertson's works. Her works are also very well polished which makes the piece very elegant with the textures on the surface. The pendant are in simple shapes but the combination of the silver lines immedately made the piece unique.  Her collections are not very colourful but the overall look is just very femeinine and graceful.

Rings. 18ct. gold

Earrings: 18ct. gold, silver, composite mateiral, diamonds

Neckpieces: Silver, composite mateiral

Neckpiece: Silver, composite mateiral